Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Introducing the new Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot

Introducing the new Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot

 With Sat-Fi, Globalstar customers can use their existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages* over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether on land or at sea, up to 8 Sat-Fi users will be able to maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular with one Sat-Fi device. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at an affordable price.

*SMS coming soon

        Powered by the world’s newest, most modern satellite network
        Easily make calls, send emails and SMS from any Wi-Fi enabled device from beyond cellular
        Fastest data speeds in the industry for sending and receiving email
        Enjoy affordable, crystal-clear voice quality with seamless connectivity
        Simple 10 digit dialing, caller ID and ability to use existing device contacts via the Sat-Fi App
        Connect up to 8 users to Sat-Fi at one time
        Connect with emergency services should the unexpected occur
        Designed for both vehicle/vessel-based and fixed locations

Who Needs Sat-Fi?
Sat-Fi is ideal for users working or traveling beyond the range of cellular in industries such as:
        Energy / Oil & Gas
        Commercial / Recreational Marine
        Emergency Management
        Natural Resources

Sat-Fi Apps
Easily connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to the Sat-Fi device with the custom Sat-Fi and Sat-Fi Voice Apps
        Available for Android, Apple iOS, Mac and Windows
        Easily make voice calls, send emails, SMS & post to social media
        Conveniently use existing device contacts
        S.O.S. alert capability** with GPS location data sent to emergency responders
        Transfer incoming calls and send text messages between connected users
** SOS coming soon

Sat-Fi Includes
        Sat-Fi unit
        AC/DC power supply
        12VDC car adapter
        Waterproof DC power cable
        Wi-Fi antenna
        External satellite antenna
        14 ft coaxial antenna cable (32 ft, 47 ft and 86 ft also available)
        Mounting accessories

        Quick start guide

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