Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Motorola releases details about APX XE Remote Speaker Mic

We have gotten tremendous response on the announcement of Motorola's new Remote Speaker Microphone for the increasingly popular APX series radio. Motorola has just sent over some additional details on the new APX XE RSM - NNTN8203.
  • XE RSM Target List Price between $275 - $300 USD.
  • XE RSM requires APX Radio R7.11.5 firmware (December 2011 time frame).
  • XE RSM will work with all APX Portable Radios.
  • XE RSM only comes in High Impact Green color housing, no Black or Yellow.
  • XE RSM does not have a control channel knob on top of the mic.
  • XE RSM does not have a Secondary Audio Accessory connector.
  • XE RSM does not have a Display.
  • XE RSM will not be orderable until Dec 2011 timeframe. (NOT SHIPPING TILL Q1 2012)
We are expecting huge demand for this microphone as we are seeing a ton of APX portables entering the field lately and expect that number to grow in 2012 with the anticipated sunset of the XTS series. We will be announcing how we will be handling the waiting list for this product, likely in November. Based on past product launches this will likely be quite difficult to procure through 2012.

Here is the updated specifications:

XE Remote Speaker Microphone Specs