Friday, September 13, 2013

Vertex Standard rolls out new Universal Chargers

The UNI energy system takes energy interoperability to a new level by utilizing a single charger base to support multiple radio series when used with designated UNI batteries. This solution is a convenience for customers, and best of all, the UNI batteries & chargers will not be an increase to your radio option price or a more expensive aftermarket accessory.

Available Fall 2013
UNI batteries for the VX-820 Series, VX-920 Series, P25 portables and cancelled models of the VX-410/420 Series and VX-160 series will have UNI solutions available in September.
The UNI Multi Unit, 6 bank charger will also be available in Fall 2013.

The new UNI charger and batteries however are not compatible with legacy battery or chargers. Radio kits ordered after September 2013 will ship standard with the UNI battery and chargers.

 Please contact your Wiscomm representative today to discuss how the UNI Energy Platform affects you.