Friday, July 30, 2010

Product Cancellation Notice - Various Motorola Analog Professional Tier Radios

Various Analog Professional Tier Radios
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With all of the recent new product launches, we need to consolidate our portfolio in order to make room in our warehouse for more new products.
This document outlines very specific radio bands and models within the Analog Professional Tier offerings which will no longer be available. These items were selected due to their very low sales volume and/or due to the availability of other models with similar form/function to the ones being cancelled.
There are no further cancellations planned at this time for the remaining models/options.

2010 Professional Tier Cancellation

Pro Tier 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Motorola CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550-XLS Button Availability

We have several inquiries lately on the availability of replacement buttons for the Motorola CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1250L-LS, CDM1250-LS+, CDM1550 mobile radios. Here is the current listing of available button covers:

·         Model No. 3886134B02 BUTTON EMERGENCY – $ 2.21

·         Model No. 3886134B03 BUTTON, P1 - $ 2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B04 BUTTON, P2 - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B05 BUTTON, P3 - $ 2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B06 BUTTON, P4 - $ 2.21  EA

·         Model No. 3886134B07 BUTTON, MONITOR ICON (MON) - $ 2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B08 BUTTON MON - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B09 BUTTON HOME - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B10 BUTTON SCAN - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B11 BUTTON, SCAN (ICON) - $ 2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B12 BUTTON, PHONE (ICON) - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B13 BUTTON, EMERGENCY (ICON) - $ 2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B14 BUTTON CLOCK (SYMBOL) - $2.10 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B15 BUTTON, H & L - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B16 BUTTON, RPTR/TALKAROUND (ICON) - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B17 BUTTON, TA - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B19 BUTTON LIGHT - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B20 BUTTON, ZONE - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B21 BUTTON CALL - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B22 BUTTON AUXL - $2.80 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B23 BUTTON, AUX 2 - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B30 BUTTON, HI/LO - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B33 BUTTON, V STR - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B35 BUTTON MENUE - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B37 BUTTON, MEMO - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B38 BUTTON, CALL 1 - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B39 BUTTON, CALL 2 - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B40 BUTTON, CALL 3 - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B46 BUTTON PHONE - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B52 BUTTON, CLEAR - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B55 BUTTON, PLAY < - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B57 BUTTON VOICE STORAGE PLAYBACK - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B62 BUTTON, BASE CALL (SYMBOL) - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B63 BUTTON, ABSENT - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B70 BUTTON S - $4.67 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B73 BUTTON, LIGHT (ICON) - $2.21 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B80 BUTTON ROAM - $2.63 EA

·         Model No. 3886134B81 BUTTON SITE - $2.63 EA

 Pricing and availability current as of July 2010. Please contact today ensure availability and pricing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wiscomm Two-Way Radio Install: 2010 Honda Element

Wiscomm just added a 2010 Honda Element EX for some in-town pick-up and deliveries, we recently partnered with Rob Sprader at "Emergency Lighting & Electronics, LLC" to properly install a few radios and antennas into this vehicle. Here is a brief summary of the installation and equipment involved.

From Left to Right: Stock AM/FM/XM Honda Antenna, Phantom Elite UHF, Phantom Elite VHF

Radio's installed: Motorola CDM 1550-LS+ UHF LTR Mobile Radio, Motorola CM300 VHF 32c Conventional Radio, Sprint HTC EVO.

Ground off body of vehicle, never direct to battery. Positive tap off main power supply. Split Loom Tubing on all wires, interior, exterior including all antenna feed lines.

Custom fabricated bracket, notched plastic on center console, affixed to floor with stainless steel screws.

Another view of bracket.
Ignition sense relay, powers radio on only when vehicle is running. This can be changed to offer a programmable delay. Again, all wires have Split Loom Tubing for protection.
A closer look at the Antenex Phantom Elite VHF 150-155 Mhz Low Profile Antenna (# ETRAB1500)

Antenex Phantom Elite VHF 150-155 Mhz Low Profile Antenna (# ETRAB1500) - $100.00 EA
Antenex Phantom Elite UHF 450-470 Mhz Low Profile Antenna (# ETRAB4503) - $40.00 EA
Laird Technologies MAB8M 3/8-3/4 Permanent Mount w/ Mini UHF (# MAB8M) - $19.00 EA
Bracketron Mobile Cup-iT Mount Kit (Universal) - $29.95 EA
Rob Sprader
Emergency Lighting & Electronics, LLC
262-613-2061 -
Rob services all companies, public safety agencies, government agencies and individuals from his base in Waukesha, WI. Rob's service is unique with the ability to install and service your equipment on-site with a fully self-contained installation vehicle that will come directly to your location. This is a huge benefit as the amount of downtime of pulling your equipment out of service is decreased drastically.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wiscomm's Annual Rummage Sale! July 10th!

Join us at the SMARC SwapFest for our annual Rummage Sale on Saturday July 10th in Oak Creek, WI. Wiscomm will be bring thousands of items with us and we don't want to bring them back to our warehouse. No reasonable offers refused. For additional information on the SMARC Swapfest check out there web site at:

We can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Special Motorola Battery Pricing: HT1000, MTS2000, MT2000, MTX8000, MTX9000

July Special Motorola Battery Pricing: HT1000, MTS2000, MT2000, MTX8000, MTX9000

We have some great pricing on new OEM Original batteries from Motorola. Looking for replacement batteries for your Jedi Series radio, check out our pricing below:
  • HNN9028AR - NiCd IMPRES 1550mah - $47.00
  • HNN9029AR - NiCd IMPRES FM 1550mah - $91.00
  • NTN7144CR - NiCd 1500mah - $43.00
  • NTN7143DR - NiCd 1200mah - $42.00
  • NTN7372BR - NiCd FM 1200mah - $70.00
  • WPNN4013A - NiMH 2000mah - $47.00
  • WPNN4037A - NiMH FM 1900mah $86.00
All prices are USD, Wiscomm ships WORLDWIDE contact us for great shipping costs. Pricing good through the end of July, order your batteries today! Contact us - 866-579-1222 or email us!