Monday, December 17, 2012

How to clone your Motorola CP200 radio

We have recieved numerous requests on the instructions to clone one CP200 to another. Below is the directions provided in the Motorola Basic Service Manual for the CP200 radio. Please note for this to be successful both the source radio and the target radios must be identical. 4 channel to 4 channel, 16 channel to 16 channel, VHF to VHF and UHF to UHF. Hope this helps.

Radio-to-Radio Cloning

1. Cloning is the process of copying the content of one radio (source radio) into another radio (destination radio). Radio content refers to system-type features such as frequency, squelch type options, trunking, etc.

Note: The source radio’s serial number cannot be blank.

Radio functionality inherent in one radio cannot be cloned to another radio that does not contain the same functionality. Tuning and alignment information are not transferable and are not affected by cloning.

1. Signaling Identification Numbers (IDs) are duplicated in the cloning process. Unique IDs may be
assigned with the CPS.

Note: Unsuccessful cloning attempts generates a continuous tone and may be an indication that the destination radio’s codeplug is corrupted.

1. Turn source and target radios off.
2. Connect cloning cable (AAPMKN4003) to the side connector of both radios.
3. Turn on the destination radio.
4. Press and hold the two side buttons at the same time on the source radio and then power up the source radio (Figure 4-3). Both radios produce a “clone-entry” tone.
5. Release both side buttons, 1 and 2.
6. When cloning is completed, the source radio produce’s a “clone-exit” tone and both the source and destination radios reset.
7. Turn both radios off.
8. Disconnect the cloning cable from both radios and turn them on for normal operation.