Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Motorola Introduces IMPRES™ Fleet Management for Two-way Radio Batteries and Chargers

Las Vegas, Nev. – March 10, 2010 – The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) introduces IMPRES Fleet Management for Motorola’s exclusive IMPRES two-way radio batteries and chargers.  As soon as a battery is inserted into an IMPRES charger, information is collected and shared with administrators to easily determine proper actions, such as proactively removing poorly performing batteries from the fleet or ensuring each user has the appropriate capacity battery based on their needs. Accumulated data is managed through pre-defined or customizable reports that provide key information to ensure users operate their batteries and chargers to maximum efficiency.

“Managing the performance of the two-way radio batteries is an important part of ensuring optimal performance of the entire radio system,” said Nick Candotti, director of Global Accessory and Energy Business, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions.  “When users begin their shifts, it is critical they understand the exact capacity of their radio battery and know to replace poor performing batteries in advance to increase worker productivity and safety.”

IMPRES Fleet Management allows system administrators to quickly run reports that allow them to proactively manage their fleet of IMPRES batteries and chargers.  They are no longer guessing when batteries need to be replaced within their fleet or keeping a significant stock of spare batteries on hand.

“System administrators can save significant time and money by having a system that provides all their key IMPRES battery and charger information in one place,” added Candotti. “In addition to time saved, operational costs are reduced with fewer spare batteries on hand because of increased information about the existing battery fleet.”

"With IMPRES Fleet Management, we were able to quickly run reports and analyze data on IMPRES batteries and chargers we previously managed manually." said Lieutenant Wayne Rothbauer from the Hoffman Estates Fire Department in Illinois. “Having this information at our fingertips allows us to automate our battery management, saves significant time and ensures our firefighters have batteries that operate at maximum efficiency."

IMPRES Fleet Management is most beneficial for mid-to-large sized organizations that have at least 100 IMPRES batteries in their fleet such as public safety agencies, public works, utilities and manufacturing companies. IMPRES Fleet Management is scalable from a single site to a multi-site networked system and supports up to 25,000 IMPRES batteries in the same location or over geographically dispersed areas.

Motorola Part# NNTN7676 - Contact Wiscomm.com for pricing and availabilty.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Motorola Battery Special: HT750, HT1250, HT1550-XLS

March is "Waris" Battery Month from Wiscomm and Motorola. Check out these great prices on new OEM Motorola batteries:
  • HNN9011BR - $71.00
  • HNN9012BR - $43.00
  • HNN4001A - $50.00
  • HNN4002A - $79.00
  • HNN9009AR - $47.00
  • HNN9010AR - $74.00
  • HNN9008AR - $43.00
  • WPNN4045AR - $33.00
  • NNTN4380A - $78.00
  • HNN4003A - $61.00
  • HNN9013DR - $53.00
This special pricing ends on March 31st and must be purchased by call or emailing our office. All prices in USD, freight is additional.

Don't you need some new batteries?