Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011, a Wiscomm year-end review

We have made it a tradition to write these year-end summaries and hopefully chronicle and excite our incredibly loyal customer base we have been blessed to grow over the past few years. This year has been nothing less then phenomenal, we all have read how the economy has continued to languish worldwide, that makes us especially proud to highlight our nearly a 50% year-over-year sales growth.

This unprecedented sales growth come from a number of factors. First has to be our no nonsense sales approach, this along with our new web store launch, the continued growth of our new radios sales with awesome partners like Blackbox and Titan Radios, a very healthy flow of our used radio sales and the addition of supporting product lines like our Astron Power Supplies, E/M-Wave Antenna Line and our private label programming cables.

Looking forward to 2012 we have a number of initiatives planned, here is sneak peek of our plans:
  • The addition of our private label "Wiscomm" brand of remote speaker microphones and audio accessories.
  • A launch of a business-line with the focus on the communication needs of the hospitality industry.
  • Adding two or three more new radio lines.
  • New, dedicated online stores for our programming cable and battery business.
  • Expanded customer phone hours, we currently staff our phone lines from 9:00am to 3:00pm Central US time, while we offer email support from 7am-11pm Central US time.
  • The addition of 2-3 sales associates serving the needs of our Wisconsin public safety clients and our nationwide hospitality clients.
  • Expanding our Military and Federal Government sales team.
  • A host of infrastructure improvements that will speed the processing of orders.
We can't finish the year without thanking our partners at Motorola Solutions. As mentioned in previous posts, we work with a core group of "Motorolans" that are really top notch, they help guide us through the minefield and "bomb-throwers", to that the Wiscomm team is truly grateful. Our growth has challenged our competition to rethink their business strategies and adapt, we think that is good for both Motorola and the communication industry as a whole. Business is changing, the communication industry is definitely changing and most importantly the funding platform to support public safety is changing, everyone must embrace and adapt.

This is an incredibly difficult business, heck all small business is hard. Harder then those who have never launched a small business will ever know. While we often get pulled in all different directions, one thing we always must remember is the customer. If there is ever anything we can do for you, please contact us personally, we remember who built this company.


Craig Ochs
Mark Toole
Solution Providers, Wiscomm LLC

Monday, December 5, 2011

Exciting new Titan TR400 launches with Wiscomm

As a follow-up to the popular TR200 portables, our friends at Titan Radio have launched a the brand new TR400 line of portable radios. This new line is available in VHF 146-174 Mhz or UHF 450-470 Mhz featuring a full 5 / 4 watts of power and very generous 2 year warranty. The TR400 is both wide and narrowband ready so you are ready for the future.

The TR400 comes complete with LiIon battery, Drop-In Charger, Antenna, Carry Strap and all documentation.

The lowest advertised price on the the radio is $299 each, we strongly recommend you giving us a call and watch some of the magic we can do on pricing for quantity purchases. We will be beat ALL the major radio lines pricing.

Check the radios and the full line of TR400 accessories in our awesome online store at