Friday, June 26, 2009

Cable & Programming Services - Closed June 26-July 1st

The cable and programming division of Wiscomm will be closed from Friday June 26th through Wednesday July 1st 2009 for a scheduled vacation. Orders placed during this period will be processed on Thursday July 2nd.

Thanks for your patience.

All other Wiscomm services are not affected by this closure.

Enjoy Summer!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wiscomm CLOSED - JUNE 19, 20, 21 - Storm Damage

Due to some storm damage to our facilities in Wisconsin, we will be unable to ship orders or accept phone calls till Monday June 22nd 2009.

Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Motorola ASTRO Digital APX 7000 Portable Series - Accessory Availability

Batteries, accessories and parts are starting to trickle in for the much anticipated Motorola APX 7000 Portable Series radios. At this moment items are not available for shipment, we do have pricing available for batteries, mics, carry cases and other accessories.

If have a specific request for accessories for the APX series, please contact your friendly Wiscomm rep today!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cancellation Notice - HT 1250-LS+ CDM1550 LS+ 700 MHz Guard Band

A couple product cancellations we thought we would share with you, these are a couple of obscure 700 Mhz radios (frankly we did not even know they offered these units).

Cancellation Notice
HT 1250-LS+ & CDM1550 LS+ - 700 MHz Guard Band

Model Description Band
  • AAM255HF4DP5AN CDM1550LS+ 700, 1-15W 16CH
  • AAM255HF4DP5AN CDM1550LS+ 700, 1-15W 16CH Databox
  • AAH255CF4DP5AN HT1250LS+ 700MHz 2.5W 16CH LKP
  • AAH255CH4DP6AN HT1250LS+ 700MHz 2.5W 16CH FKP
Mobile RX: 757-758 MHz
Mobile TX: 787-788 MHz