Monday, March 26, 2012

Wiscomm is ready to assist with your narrowbanding programming project

As the clock keeps ticking down to the January 1st 2013 deadline to reprogram (or replace) your radios to remain in compliance with the new FCC guidelines in the US the Wiscomm elves have been working overtime to fill the many frantic last-minute orders for programming cables.  Wiscomm has long been known as the one-stop shop for programming cables for top radio brands such as Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Hytera, HYT and Vertex. We offer "aftermarket" private label cables as well as Original OEM cables for many of these models. With our quality "aftermarket" line cost savings of several hundred dollars is common. Our current inventory of well over 1000 cables allow us to ship overnight those last minute cables needs.

We are pleased to add two new "combo" cables, these aftermarket cables allow you to program some of the most popular Motorola radios utilizing just one easy to use cable assembly.

The "M4X" Multi-Radio Programming Cable combines our "M328-1", "MM" and "M88S" programming cables that will allow the programming of your Motorola CP200, PR400, HT750, HT1250 HT1550, CDM750, CDM1250 and CDM1550 radios. Pricing for this cable is $32.95 and is currently in-stock.

The"M5X" Multi-Radio Programming Cable programs all the same radios as the "M4X" but with the addition of the EX500, EX560-XLS, EX600 series and more. This cable is also available in-stock and runs $34.95 each.

We invite you to check out our entire programming cable line through our wonderful, easy to use website. Check one more thing off your list, let Wiscomm provide the right cable for the job.