Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Motorola introduces entry level MotoTRBO portable, XPR6100

Motorola is rolling out the much anticipated "entry level" digital radio to it's popular MotoTRBO line-up. The new XPR 6100 portable radio features 32 channels programmable to either analog or digital TRBO making this radio the perfect entry into any future digital mandates.

Model Breakdown:

  • XPR 6100 AAH55JDT9JA1AN XPR 6100 - 136-174 MHz 5W 32 CH NKP
  • XPR 6100 AAH55QDT9JA1AN XPR 6100 - 403-470 MHz 4W 32 CH NKP
  • XPR 6100 AAH55TDT9JA1AN XPR 6100 - 450-512 MHz 4W 32 CH NKP
This new XPR 6100 utilizes all the current MotoTRBO batteries and accessories. It is however missing any GPS, submersibility, data, telemetry, trunking or networked repeater functionality. With an estimated street price around $500 look for the XPR 6100 to available in Spring 2012.