Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Next Generation Motorola Solutions Chargers and Batteries launched for APX Radios

Motorola Solutions has launched new Next Generation Chargers and Batteries for the popular APX Series radios. With these new additions they will be cancelling several models of chargers and batteries, we will break those cancellations down below.

First let's talk about with makes the new IMPRES 2 chargers and batteries so much better.

IMPRES 2 Battery Features:
  • Increased Capacity (same size battery)
  • Increased Cycle Life (capacity warranty increases from 18 to 24 months)
  • Submersibility upgraded to IP68 Rugged
  • New UL TIA4950 DIV1 & ISA DIV2 certification
IMPRES 2 Charger Features:
  • User configurable charging process (MUC only)
  • User configurable pockets (MUC only)
  • Faster charge rates 
  • USB charging ports 
  • Enhanced battery diagnostic capability (MUC only)
  • Audio accessory management (MUC only)
  • Improved energy efficiency
Here are the new part numbers, typical capacity along with the battery they are replacing:
  • PMNN4485 - 2550mAh - replaces: PMNN4403
  • PMNN4486 - 3400mAh - replaces: NNTN7038
  • PMNN4487 - 4850mAh - replaces: NNTN7034
  • PMNN4494 - 5100mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • NNTN8930 - 2650mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • NNTN8921 - 4500mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • PMNN4504 - 3400mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • PMNN4505 - 4850mAh - replaces: Brand New
The following batteries are scheduled to be cancelled on or around August 1, 2016: 
NNTN7038, PMNN4403, NNTN7034, NNTN7037, NNTN7573 and NNTN7036.

Here are the new part numbers of the GEN2 Chargers:
  • NNTN8860A - GEN2 Single Unit 115v Only
  • NNTN8863A - GEN2 Single Unit 115v/240v Switching
  • NNTN8844A - GEN2 Multi Unit with 6-Displays
The following chargers are scheduled to be cancelled on or around August 15, 2016:
WPLN7080, NNTN7065 and NNTN7073.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vertex Standard Expands Portfolio, Launches New EVX-261 and EVX-S24

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.--()--Vertex Standard LMR, Inc., a leading manufacturer of two-way radios, today announced the launch of two digital portable radios – the EVX-261 and EVX-S24 – as the company celebrates its 60thanniversary. The devices build on Vertex Standard’s portfolio of products that help customers migrate from analog to digital. The radios will be showcased at this year’s annual International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

“We’ve been in the business of building quality radios for 60 years. There’s no better place to celebrate this milestone – and two new products – than at IWCE with our colleagues and, most importantly, our customers,” said Mike Petersen, director and general manager of Vertex Standard. “This anniversary gives us the opportunity to highlight our achievements, celebrate our commitment to customers and define the future of radio technology at Vertex Standard.”
The EVX-261 and EVX-S24 function in analog and digital, are easy-to-use and priced to meet customers’ needs. Both radios allow for critical, interference-free communications and interoperability with other communication devices. The EVX-261, available in mid-2016, is highly durable, delivering superior sound quality for industries such as manufacturing and construction. The EVX-S24, also available in mid-2016, is the smallest EVX series radio manufactured by Vertex Standard; its slim, lightweight body makes it ideal for the retail, education and hospitality markets.
“With the EVX-261 and EVX-S24, we are giving our customers the ability to do more for less, without sacrificing quality. This is what drives our business and innovation; our customers deserve to connect without compromise, and we will continue to develop products that deliver on this promise,” Petersen added.
About Vertex Standard
Established in 1956 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Vertex Standard LMR, Inc. is a global manufacturer of two-way radio communications equipment sold and serviced through more than 1,000 dealerships in North America. All Vertex Standard radios sold in North America are covered with a three-year warranty backing of quality and reliability for maximum value. For more information on any Vertex Standard land mobile radio, visit, follow on Facebook or

Monday, March 21, 2016

Motorola Battery Storage, Handling and Care Tips


Battery capacity naturally decreases slowly over time and the MSI battery warranty begins when the battery is shipped, thus to take full advantage of your new battery’s capacity and warranty, use batteries promptly after purchase. Always charge your battery using the approved Motorola charger. Charging in non-Motorola chargers may lead to reduced performance and battery damage. If you need to store your new batteries prior to use, please be aware that proper storage guidelines and time durations must be followed.

  1. Do not store batteries with flammable materials.
  2. Remove battery from radio to eliminate radio as a source of additional current drain. Do not replace the battery in any area labeled “Hazardous Atmosphere”.
  3. Store batteries in a well ventilated, temperature (68°F/20°C to 86°F/30°C) and humidity (30%-60%) controlled environment.
  4. Optimal battery storage condition is 30%-50% charge state. New batteries should be stored as delivered from Motorola Solutions. Used batteries should be charged or discharged to approx 50%.
  5. Batteries removed from storage may take several charge / discharge cycles to achieve their optimal capacity. One or two reconditioning cycles will accelerate capacity recovery.
  6. Use the battery in accordance with its water and dust Ingress Protection (IP) rating.
  7. Don’t disassemble, crush, puncture, shred, or otherwise change the form of your battery. Don’t discard your battery in a fire.
  8. Don’t dry a wet battery with an appliance or heat source, such as a hair dryer or microwave oven. If the radio battery contacts are wet, dry the battery contacts before attaching the battery to the radio.
  9. Exercise care in handling any charged battery, particularly when placing it inside a pocket, purse, or other container with metal objects such as jewelry, keys or coins.
  10. For IMPRES batteries, the first battery charge should take place in an IMPRES desktop (not vehicular) charger for proper initialization of IMPRES data in battery memory. Allow the battery to be fully charged through a solid green LED charger status indication.

The batteries listed below contain additional active circuitry required to meet specific regulatory requirements. This circuitry increases the rate of self discharge. For best performance these batteries should be used within 1 month of receipt. However, if storage is required, the batteries should be charged to a 50% charge state every 6 months.

Active Circuitry Batteries

  • NNTN8287 Battery Li Ion IMPRES Intrinsically Safe CSA
  • NNTN8386 Battery Li Ion IMPRES Intrinsically Safe CSA
  • NNTN8359 Battery Li Ion IMPRES Intrinsically Safe IECEx/ATEX
  • NNTN5510 Battery Li Ion Intrinsically Safe IECEx/ATEX
  • NNTN7383 Battery Li Ion Intrinsically Safe IECEx/ATEX

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing the new Vertex Standard VX-260 Series

Get acquainted with our best selling radio, the VX-260 Series radio from Vertex Standard combines a ton of standard features including: Abundant signalling options like MDC-1200, FleetSync, 2-tone and 5-tone signalling. Voice Inversion Encryption (VX-264 only), Very Loud 700mw Speaker Audio and the Universal Battery System using all your current UNI chargers. 

The VX-260 series are FULL 5w output power and all come with Vertex Standard industry-leading 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

The best part is the price, starting at just $159.00 each. Customize your radio package by upgrading the capacity of your battery, delete single charger for a multi-unit gang charger or select from VHF, UHF Range 1 or UHF Range 2. We are a stocking Vertex Standard dealer and can get your order shipped within 24 hours from our Wisconsin warehouse.

See for yourself how the Vertex Standard VX-261 and VX264 portable radios can provide the communication solution you have been searching for.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Motorola MotoTRBO XPR 4000 Series Rear Accessory Connector Pin Functions

We have had several requests for the rear pin-out for the Motorola XPR 4000 Series MotoTRBO mobile radio. This is the official pin-out for the XPR4300, XPR4350, XPR4500, XPR4550 and non-US equivalents.
The rear accessory connector can be purchase through us at:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Wiscomm launches new turnkey radio travel kits

For years we have been working with a wide range of customers including traveling construction crews, trade show operators and disaster recovery teams. All require a simple, turnkey solution for their communication needs.

We are have begun the rollout of our new 6-radio travel package, initially launching with the new Vertex Standard VX-264 Series Radios, we will be adding complete packages featuring the following radio models:
Future charger and case packages coming soon include the Motorola CP200, HT750, HT1250, XPR 6000 Series, XPR 7000 Series and APX Series Portables. We will also be releasing the case only for the above radios.

Update: We now have Case/Charger Combos for the CP200/CP200d/CP150/PR400 Radios.

We also have Case Only for CP200/CP200d/CP150/PR400 Series and Vertex Standard Radios.

Contact Mark Toole in our office to create custom cases and designs for all models and configurations, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to these custom cases.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Product Spotlight: TITAN RADIOS

TITAN Radios has been a our best-selling portable radio for the past few years. For just a few simple reasons:

Lightweight and Ergonomic
Both the TR200 and TR400 are convenient and compact. No other radio on the market combines the features, battery life and power into such a small ultra-lightweight radio. The design of the radios were engineered to be simple and easy to use. No complicated display or useless buttons. The Titan Radio portables are truly “turn-key” radios.

Durable and Warranted
How durable and tough are the Titan Radios? Real-life testing wasn't extensive enough for the Titan Radio engineers. They subjected both radios to extreme testing, which included dropping it off 30 foot platforms and running it over with motorized vehicles! They even had a demolition and drilling company demo the radio, making sure it could withstand the rigorous events of daily construction work. Because Titan Radio stands behind this testing, there is up to 3 years of warranty coverage on both products.

High Powered and Repeater Capable
Titan Radios provide the ultimate combination of size, strength and power. The Titan Radios are up to 2X as power full as its leading competitor in size and it can be up to 77% lighter than any of its competing 2 and 4 watt radios. Both radios audio quality is also more superior than any other radio in its class. Don't believe it, then demo it and compare. By the way, both radios are repeater capable making them adaptable and dynamic.

Computer Programmable with a Programmable Button
Any of the 16 channels on the TR200 can be programmed UHF and you get the TR400 in either UHF or VHF. They also has a short press and long press programmable button(s) to enable features such as power adjust, monitor, priority scan, voice scrambler, VOX and battery just name a few. Hook either up to a computer using the Titan Radio software and cable and you are on your way. Wide or narrow band is not a problem for either radio, making it compliant with the recent FCC mandate.

Cost Effective and Economical
After listing all the amazing features above we still haven't gotten to the Titan Radios best feature, It's PRICE! We all know that in this economic time, price, along with quality, truly matters. We promise you will find that the value and cost effectiveness of either Titan Radio will not be surpassed. A business class, high powered, ultra-lightweight, PC programmable, warranted radio for under $300 and $400... That is Titan Radio!

The TITAN line feature three primary products:


The TR-200 is a great entry-level radio competing against Motorola XTN Series or Kenwood Pro-Talk series radios.
  • Cost effective, pricing comparable to XTN series.
  • 2 watts power, twice the power of most entry level radios.
  • Two Year Warranty
  • LiIon, Memory Free, replaceable batteries


The TR-400 is a full power radio that competes against the Motorola CP200 or the Kenwood TK-2100 series radios.
  • Simple, Durable Design
  • 2-pin Screw Down Accessory Jack
  • Drop in charger, Standard
  • Half the price of a Motorola CP200
  • Available in VHF or UHF, End User Programmable

TITAN TR-5000 Portable Repeater

The newly released portable repeater allows for extended coverage.
  • Super simple design, No technical expertise required.
  • Lightweight, less then 8 pounds.
  • Durable, Self-Contained. Built inside of a Pelican Case
  • Long-lasting 5000 mAh Rechargeable LiIon Battery
  • Fully Programmable in either VHF 146-174 MHz or UHF 450-470 MHz

Due to advertising restrictions this post and our webstore pricing must include Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. We strongly recommend you contact us for substantially better pricing. We can be reached at 866-579-1222 x 2 or via eMail at

We look forward to a TITAN DMR portable radio due in 2015. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for further details as they become available.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Introducing the new Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot

Introducing the new Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Hotspot

 With Sat-Fi, Globalstar customers can use their existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages* over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether on land or at sea, up to 8 Sat-Fi users will be able to maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular with one Sat-Fi device. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at an affordable price.

*SMS coming soon

        Powered by the world’s newest, most modern satellite network
        Easily make calls, send emails and SMS from any Wi-Fi enabled device from beyond cellular
        Fastest data speeds in the industry for sending and receiving email
        Enjoy affordable, crystal-clear voice quality with seamless connectivity
        Simple 10 digit dialing, caller ID and ability to use existing device contacts via the Sat-Fi App
        Connect up to 8 users to Sat-Fi at one time
        Connect with emergency services should the unexpected occur
        Designed for both vehicle/vessel-based and fixed locations

Who Needs Sat-Fi?
Sat-Fi is ideal for users working or traveling beyond the range of cellular in industries such as:
        Energy / Oil & Gas
        Commercial / Recreational Marine
        Emergency Management
        Natural Resources

Sat-Fi Apps
Easily connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to the Sat-Fi device with the custom Sat-Fi and Sat-Fi Voice Apps
        Available for Android, Apple iOS, Mac and Windows
        Easily make voice calls, send emails, SMS & post to social media
        Conveniently use existing device contacts
        S.O.S. alert capability** with GPS location data sent to emergency responders
        Transfer incoming calls and send text messages between connected users
** SOS coming soon

Sat-Fi Includes
        Sat-Fi unit
        AC/DC power supply
        12VDC car adapter
        Waterproof DC power cable
        Wi-Fi antenna
        External satellite antenna
        14 ft coaxial antenna cable (32 ft, 47 ft and 86 ft also available)
        Mounting accessories

        Quick start guide

Please contact Wiscomm for current pricing plans or visit our webstore -

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Motorola adds new MINITOR VI Voice Pagers to lineup

After several years in the making, Motorola has finally announced the replacement to the industry standard MINITOR V pager with the apply named MINITOR VI.

The completely redesigned unit comes from a new manufacturer and not from Unication (maker of the MINITOR V). The new design also forces the replacement of all the parts and accessories.

Advancements in technology allows the new MINITOR VI to allow wider band splits of the pagers, going from 40+ versions to just 4 frequency splits. However Motorola has announced they no longer will offer a Low Band model.

I have included some notes on the new line below:

  • All units have up to 16 minutes of stored voice (SV) capability.
  • 8 Musical Tones, 5 Generic Tones
  • 4 Band Splits: 143-174 Mhz, 406-430 Mhz, 450-486 Mhz, 476-512 Mhz.
  • No Low Band (30-50 Mhz) option will be offered.
  • Available in 1 or 5 Channel formats
  • Comes with 2 Year Warranty Standard (up from 1 year on Minitor V), 3 and 4 year optional.
  • Available in Intrinsically Safe or Standard configurations
  • All units are IP56 Rated Standard, NO Audio Jack plug is available
  • Carry Case, Chargers, Amplifiers, Battery and Programming Kits are NEW and NOT compatible with the Minitor V
  • Three battery options are available: Alkaline Tray (takes 3 AAA batteries), Standard LiIon and Intrinsically Safe LiIon Battery.
  • Battery level voice announcements
  • All models of the Minitor V will discontinued by the end of March 2014, including LOWBAND.
A couple of important dates:

  • 10 FEB 2014 - First date to order Minitor VI
  • 17 FEB 2014 - First shipping date for Minitor VI from Motorola warehouse
  • 28 FEB 2014 - Last date to order Minitor V pager
  • 31 MAR 2014 - Last shipping date for Minitor V pager, Program cancellation.
Wiscomm carries the complete line of Minitor VI pagers, parts, batteries and accessories. Check out the special section for everything you need for your new Motorola MINITOR VI pager today!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Vertex Standard rolls out new Universal Chargers

The UNI energy system takes energy interoperability to a new level by utilizing a single charger base to support multiple radio series when used with designated UNI batteries. This solution is a convenience for customers, and best of all, the UNI batteries & chargers will not be an increase to your radio option price or a more expensive aftermarket accessory.

Available Fall 2013
UNI batteries for the VX-820 Series, VX-920 Series, P25 portables and cancelled models of the VX-410/420 Series and VX-160 series will have UNI solutions available in September.
The UNI Multi Unit, 6 bank charger will also be available in Fall 2013.

The new UNI charger and batteries however are not compatible with legacy battery or chargers. Radio kits ordered after September 2013 will ship standard with the UNI battery and chargers.

 Please contact your Wiscomm representative today to discuss how the UNI Energy Platform affects you.