Monday, February 6, 2012

Blackbox launches new "Buzz" series radio

The expanding Blackbox line of radios just announced the new "BUZZ" line of receive only radios. This incredibly compact (2-1/2" length) radio can clip on a collar or jacket and features 99 programmable channels, 430-520 Mhz bandwidth (VHF coming later this year), PL/DPL and a 3.5mm standard ear plug. The receiver sips power from an easily obtainable "AA" battery making this perfect for any emergency kit.

We believe this is a perfect solution for racing teams that need all be able to monitor team radio transmissions, restaurant staff requires one-way conversations or even news media crews that require IFB monitoring.

Best part of the new BUZZ is the price, a $99.00 retail and $79.00 Wiscomm launch special. Need 6+ units call us for even better pricing.

Blackbox BUZZ - UHF