Monday, July 27, 2009

Cancellation Notice Various Federal Models: HT750 HT1250 EX500 EX600 CDM750 CDM1250

Cancellation Notice
Various Federal Models: HT750, HT1250, EX500, EX600, CDM750, CDM1250
Last Order Date: August 31st, 2009
Last Ship Date: September 30th, 2009

The following federal models are being cancelled as per the date shown above.
Model Number - Description - Band
  • AAH25BEC9AA3ANFD - HT750 16CH, 29.7-42MHz LowBand
  • AAH25CEC9AA3ANFD - HT750 16CH, 35-50MHz LowBand
  • AAH25KDC9AA2ANFD - HT750 4CH, 136-174MHz VHF
  • AAH25KDG9AA4ANFD - HT750 16CH, 136-174MHz FKP VHF
  • AAH25RDC9AA2ANFD - HT750 4CH, 403-470MHz UHF
  • AAH25RDG9AA4ANFD - HT750 16CH, 403-470MHz FKP UHF
  • AAH25SDC9AA2ANFD - HT750 4CH, 450-512MHz UHF
  • AAH25SDC9AA3ANFD - HT750 16CH, 450-512MHz UHF
  • AAH25SDG9AA4ANFD - HT750 16CH, 450-512MHz FKP UHF
  • AAH25BEF9AA5ANFD - HT1250 128CH, 29.7-42MHz LKP LowBand
  • AAH25CEF9AA5ANFD - HT1250 128CH, 35-50MHz LKP LowBand
  • AAH25SDF9AA5ANFD - HT1250 128CH, 450-512MHz LKP UHF
  • AAH38SDC9AA3ANFD - EX500 16CH, 450-512MHz UHF
  • AAH38SDH9DU6ANFD - EX600 160CH, 450-512MHz UHF
  • AAM25BKD9AA2ANFD - CDM1250 64CH, 29.7-36MHz LowBand
  • AAM25CKD9AA2ANFD - CDM1250 64CH, 36-42MHz LowBand
  • AAM25DKD9AA2ANFD - CDM1250 64CH, 42-50MHz LowBand
  • AAM25SKD9AA2ANFD - CDM1250 64CH, 450-512MHz UHF
  • AAM25SKC9AA1ANFD - CDM750 160CH, 450-512MHz UHF

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Holiday Vacation - July 21st - 26th, 2009

Just a friendly reminder that our annual Summer Holiday Vacation will be running July 21 through July 26, 2009. All orders placed during this period will ship promptly on Monday July 27th 2009 in the order they were received.

During this period we will be responding to all emails and messages, however the responses might be slightly delayed compared to our normal.

Take some time this Summer and spend a few days with your family and spouses! Thanks for your continued support of Wiscomm, we really appreciate your business!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wiscomm @ South Milwaukee ARC Swapfest - Oak Creek, WI

  • Saturday - July 11th, 2009 - South Milwaukee ARC Swapfest - Oak Creek, WI - We love this outdoor fest, plus the free beer at Noon doesn't hurt either! We have been going to this fest since before we were hams. Great location just about five minutes off the freeway south of Milwaukee, WI. Details - Click Here!