Monday, November 22, 2010

Motorola Quantar Platform Intent to Cancel Announcement

Motorola has announced plans to cancel the popular Quantar line. They are replacing it with the new GTR 8000 series, and the MTR3000 series. Additional details listed below.
Motorola Quantar Cancellation

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Motorola 2010 MotoTRBO Accessory Catalog

Motorola just released a new version of the MotoTRBO accessory catalog. Download to peruse whats available for your MotoTRBO series radio.

MOTOTRBO Accessory Brochure Updated 9 07

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Special Motorola Battery Pricing: HT600, MT1000 & P200

We have some great pricing on new OEM Original batteries from Motorola. Looking for replacement batteries for your Motorola radio, check out our pricing below:

Motorola HT600:

NTN5414BR - NiCd 1100mah - $55.00
NTN5415B - NiCd 1000mah FM/IS - $73.00

Motorola MT1000:
NTN5447BR - NiCd 1100mah - $54.00
NTN5448BR - NiCd 1100mah FM/IS - $73.00

Motorola P200:
NTN5521B - NiCd 1100mah - $51.00  

All prices are USD, Wiscomm ships WORLDWIDE contact us for great shipping costs. Pricing good through the end of October, order your batteries today! Contact us - 866-579-1222 or email us!