Monday, December 17, 2012

How to clone your Motorola CP200 radio

We have recieved numerous requests on the instructions to clone one CP200 to another. Below is the directions provided in the Motorola Basic Service Manual for the CP200 radio. Please note for this to be successful both the source radio and the target radios must be identical. 4 channel to 4 channel, 16 channel to 16 channel, VHF to VHF and UHF to UHF. Hope this helps.

Radio-to-Radio Cloning

1. Cloning is the process of copying the content of one radio (source radio) into another radio (destination radio). Radio content refers to system-type features such as frequency, squelch type options, trunking, etc.

Note: The source radio’s serial number cannot be blank.

Radio functionality inherent in one radio cannot be cloned to another radio that does not contain the same functionality. Tuning and alignment information are not transferable and are not affected by cloning.

1. Signaling Identification Numbers (IDs) are duplicated in the cloning process. Unique IDs may be
assigned with the CPS.

Note: Unsuccessful cloning attempts generates a continuous tone and may be an indication that the destination radio’s codeplug is corrupted.

1. Turn source and target radios off.
2. Connect cloning cable (AAPMKN4003) to the side connector of both radios.
3. Turn on the destination radio.
4. Press and hold the two side buttons at the same time on the source radio and then power up the source radio (Figure 4-3). Both radios produce a “clone-entry” tone.
5. Release both side buttons, 1 and 2.
6. When cloning is completed, the source radio produce’s a “clone-exit” tone and both the source and destination radios reset.
7. Turn both radios off.
8. Disconnect the cloning cable from both radios and turn them on for normal operation.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Motorola discontinues most NiCD Batteries

Motorola Solutions, an international advocate for being eco-friendly, has decided to phase out NICD (Nickel Cadmium) batteries in due course.

This cancellation notice is to inform you that the below listed NICD batteries will be discontinued by 1st March 2012. Orders for these NICD batteries will be subjected to batteries availability.

The corresponding replacement batteries are listed below. Please note that there are some cancelled batteries do not have a Motorola replacement.


Cancelled Alternate
HNN8133 - NICD 1200MAH IS HNN9701 - NIMH 1200MAH IS
HNN9628 - NICD 1200MAH  PMNN4016 - NIMH  1200MAH with belt clip
PMNN4005 - NICD  with BELT CLIP 1200MAH PMNN4016 - NIMH  1200MAH with belt clip
WPNN4012 - MAG ONE NICD 1100MAH  PMNN4016 - NIMH  1200MAH with belt clip
PMNN4028 - NICD 1200MAH PMNN4016 - NIMH  1200MAH with belt clip

HT1000 / MTS2000 / JEDI Series

NTN7144 - NICD 1500MAHWPNN4013 - NIMH 2000MAH

GP328 / GP338 / GP329 / GP339 / MTX900 / MTX960 / PTX700 / PTX760 / ATS2500

HNN9011 - NICD, 1200MAH ISHNN9010 - NIMH 1800MAH IS
HNN9012 - NICD 1300MAHPMNN4008 - NIMH 1450MAH with belt clip
PMNN4012 - NICD 1300MAH with belt clipPMNN4008 - NIMH 1450MAH with belt clip

XTS3000 / XTS3500 / XTS5000

NTN8294 - NICD 1525MAH ISNTN8923 - NIMH 1800MAH IS
NTN8295 - NICD 1525MAH ISNTN8299 - NIMH 1700MAH IS
NTN8297 - NICD 1525MAH IS, RuggedNNTN4437 - NIMH 1800MAH IS, Rugged IMPRES


NTN9815 - NICD 1525MAHNTN9858 - NIMH 2100MAH, IMPRES

Saber / ASTRO Saber

NTN4596 - NICD  1800MAH ISNTN8251 - NIMH 1650MAH IS
NTN4593 - NICD  1100MAHNTN8251 - NIMH 1650MAH IS

No direct replacements available

HT600 / MT1000
NTN5415 - NICD 1000MAH
NTN5414 - NICD 1100MAH
NTN5447 - NICD 950MAH
NTN5448 - NICD 950MAH IS

NTN5545 - NICD 1200MAH IS
NTN5521 - NICD 950MAH

NTN5451 - NICD 1100MAH

P10 / SP50+
HNN9044 - NICD 600 MAH

PMNN4014 - NICD, RED 1200MAH

HT1000 / MTS2000 / Jedi Series

Saber / ASTRO Saber
HNN9033 - NICD 2000MAH
HNN9034 - NICD 2000MAH
NTN4538 - NICD 1100MAH IS

HNN9018 - NICD 1200MAH

HNN8148 - NICD 1100MAH

HNN9050 - NICD 1200MAH IS

Please contact us at Wiscomm if you have any questions or would like to seek an alternate source for batteries.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Motorola DOUBLES Battery Warranty

With the recent announcement that Motorola has doubled its manufacturers warranty for defects in manufacturing and defects from 24 months to 48 months on both the IMPRES and Non-IMPRES battery line has really shaken up the two-way battery industry. Below is a summary of these changes:

Motorola Battery Warranty
** EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2012 **
For Batteries purchased after July 1st 2012

IMPRES Battery Warranty:

  • 48 months against any defects in manufacturing or workmanship (this is an increase from 24 months).
  • 24 months for Nickel-Cadmium batteries, warranted to maintain 80% rated capacity.
  • 18 months Nickel-Metal Hydride and Lithium-ion batteries, warranted to maintain 80% rated capacity (70% rated capacity for PMNN4093).
  • IMPRES batteries NOT charged exclusively in IMPRES chargers get reduced by 6 months of capacity warranty (i.e. 18 months instead of 24 for NiCD, and 12 months instead of 18 for NiMH & Li-ION).

Non-IMPRES Battery Warranty:

  • 48 months against any defects in manufacturing or workmanship (this is an increase from 24 months).
  • 18 months Nickel-Cadmium batteries, warranted to maintain 80% rated capacity.
  • 12 months Nickel-Metal Hydride and Lithium-ion batteries, warranted to maintain 80% rated capacity (70% rated capacity for RNN4007).
This is huge news for the Motorola Two-Way battery business, these extended warranties prove once again Motorola makes the best batteries in the industry.

Wiscomm is proud to be one of the largest seller of Motorola batteries in the the US, let us show you how we can solve your battery problems today. Visit for the very best pricing available.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blackbox BANTAM now available in K1 and M1 plugs!

The wildly popular Blackbox BANTAM series is now available with the standard Motorola M1 style plug (2-pin) like the CP200 / XTN Series portables. This is in addition to the standard K1 style plug (2-pin). These are in-stock and ready to ship today. Featuring a knock-out price of $188. Only $188 for a full power 4/5watt portable, with LiIon battery and an industry leading 2-year warranty.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wiscomm adds Motorola Paging to its lineup

The newest edition to our line-up now include Motorola Paging Products, in particular the industry-standard Motorola Minitor V voice pager. The Minitor V is the standard with departments across the country with literally millions of units sold. Featuring a wide variety of frequency, channel and stored voice options we can have your pager on its way within two business days of ordering. All at the best possible pricing that you have come to know from Wiscomm.

We are also pleased to announce we are now a STOCKING dealer for the Apollo Paging line, we have had great success with this line as our clients have come to appreciate the unique features and cost savings with the the Apollo VP200 series.

Either way, be sure to check out our either our Motorola Paging or Apollo Paging line of products today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wiscomm is ready to assist with your narrowbanding programming project

As the clock keeps ticking down to the January 1st 2013 deadline to reprogram (or replace) your radios to remain in compliance with the new FCC guidelines in the US the Wiscomm elves have been working overtime to fill the many frantic last-minute orders for programming cables.  Wiscomm has long been known as the one-stop shop for programming cables for top radio brands such as Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Hytera, HYT and Vertex. We offer "aftermarket" private label cables as well as Original OEM cables for many of these models. With our quality "aftermarket" line cost savings of several hundred dollars is common. Our current inventory of well over 1000 cables allow us to ship overnight those last minute cables needs.

We are pleased to add two new "combo" cables, these aftermarket cables allow you to program some of the most popular Motorola radios utilizing just one easy to use cable assembly.

The "M4X" Multi-Radio Programming Cable combines our "M328-1", "MM" and "M88S" programming cables that will allow the programming of your Motorola CP200, PR400, HT750, HT1250 HT1550, CDM750, CDM1250 and CDM1550 radios. Pricing for this cable is $32.95 and is currently in-stock.

The"M5X" Multi-Radio Programming Cable programs all the same radios as the "M4X" but with the addition of the EX500, EX560-XLS, EX600 series and more. This cable is also available in-stock and runs $34.95 each.

We invite you to check out our entire programming cable line through our wonderful, easy to use website. Check one more thing off your list, let Wiscomm provide the right cable for the job.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blackbox launches new "Buzz" series radio

The expanding Blackbox line of radios just announced the new "BUZZ" line of receive only radios. This incredibly compact (2-1/2" length) radio can clip on a collar or jacket and features 99 programmable channels, 430-520 Mhz bandwidth (VHF coming later this year), PL/DPL and a 3.5mm standard ear plug. The receiver sips power from an easily obtainable "AA" battery making this perfect for any emergency kit.

We believe this is a perfect solution for racing teams that need all be able to monitor team radio transmissions, restaurant staff requires one-way conversations or even news media crews that require IFB monitoring.

Best part of the new BUZZ is the price, a $99.00 retail and $79.00 Wiscomm launch special. Need 6+ units call us for even better pricing.

Blackbox BUZZ - UHF

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Motorola introduces entry level MotoTRBO portable, XPR6100

Motorola is rolling out the much anticipated "entry level" digital radio to it's popular MotoTRBO line-up. The new XPR 6100 portable radio features 32 channels programmable to either analog or digital TRBO making this radio the perfect entry into any future digital mandates.

Model Breakdown:

  • XPR 6100 AAH55JDT9JA1AN XPR 6100 - 136-174 MHz 5W 32 CH NKP
  • XPR 6100 AAH55QDT9JA1AN XPR 6100 - 403-470 MHz 4W 32 CH NKP
  • XPR 6100 AAH55TDT9JA1AN XPR 6100 - 450-512 MHz 4W 32 CH NKP
This new XPR 6100 utilizes all the current MotoTRBO batteries and accessories. It is however missing any GPS, submersibility, data, telemetry, trunking or networked repeater functionality. With an estimated street price around $500 look for the XPR 6100 to available in Spring 2012.