Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Next Generation Motorola Solutions Chargers and Batteries launched for APX Radios

Motorola Solutions has launched new Next Generation Chargers and Batteries for the popular APX Series radios. With these new additions they will be cancelling several models of chargers and batteries, we will break those cancellations down below.

First let's talk about with makes the new IMPRES 2 chargers and batteries so much better.

IMPRES 2 Battery Features:
  • Increased Capacity (same size battery)
  • Increased Cycle Life (capacity warranty increases from 18 to 24 months)
  • Submersibility upgraded to IP68 Rugged
  • New UL TIA4950 DIV1 & ISA DIV2 certification
IMPRES 2 Charger Features:
  • User configurable charging process (MUC only)
  • User configurable pockets (MUC only)
  • Faster charge rates 
  • USB charging ports 
  • Enhanced battery diagnostic capability (MUC only)
  • Audio accessory management (MUC only)
  • Improved energy efficiency
Here are the new part numbers, typical capacity along with the battery they are replacing:
  • PMNN4485 - 2550mAh - replaces: PMNN4403
  • PMNN4486 - 3400mAh - replaces: NNTN7038
  • PMNN4487 - 4850mAh - replaces: NNTN7034
  • PMNN4494 - 5100mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • NNTN8930 - 2650mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • NNTN8921 - 4500mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • PMNN4504 - 3400mAh - replaces: Brand New
  • PMNN4505 - 4850mAh - replaces: Brand New
The following batteries are scheduled to be cancelled on or around August 1, 2016: 
NNTN7038, PMNN4403, NNTN7034, NNTN7037, NNTN7573 and NNTN7036.

Here are the new part numbers of the GEN2 Chargers:
  • NNTN8860A - GEN2 Single Unit 115v Only
  • NNTN8863A - GEN2 Single Unit 115v/240v Switching
  • NNTN8844A - GEN2 Multi Unit with 6-Displays
The following chargers are scheduled to be cancelled on or around August 15, 2016:
WPLN7080, NNTN7065 and NNTN7073.