Monday, September 21, 2009

Motorola Battery Availability - September 2009

Just noticed Motorola has a number of batteries on it's "troubled parts" listing including some really popular models:
  • NTN9816B
  • NTN9815B
  • NTN8294BR
  • NTN7150BR
  • NTN7149CR
  • NTN7144CR
  • HNN9032BSP3K
  • HNN9032B
  • HNN9031BSP3K
  • HNN9031B
  • HNN9029AR
  • HNN9028AR
  • HNN9012BR
  • HNN9011BR
Motorola is advising the are looking at a Late October / Early November availability date. Your friendly Wiscomm rep has a number of alternative Motorola OEM batteries available to you. Contact us today!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Motorola adds 16 channel version to BPR40 Series

Motorola has just announced the addition of a 16-channel version to its venerable 8-channel compact portable radios.

The BPR40 series now looks like this:
  • AAH84KDS8AA1AN 150-174 MHz, 5 Watt, 8 Channels NIMH
  • AAH84RCS8AA1AN 450-470 MHz, 4 Watt, 8 Channels NIMH
  • AAH84KDS8AA2AN 150-174 MHz, 5 Watt, 8 Channels Lith-Ion
  • AAH84RCS8AA2AN 450-470 MHz, 4 Watt, 8 Channels Lith-Ion
  • AAH84KDJ8AA1AN 150-174 MHz, 5 Watt, 16Channels
  • AAH84RCJ8AA1AN 450-470 MHz, 4 Watt, 16Channels

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wiscomm @ Chicago FM Club Radio Expo 2009 - Belevedere, IL

  • Saturday / Sunday - September 12-13th, 2009 - Chicago FM Club Radio Expo 2009 - Belevedere, IL - *** Wiscomm will only be on-site on SATURDAY till Noon! - We used to attend this event every year when it was at the old Lake County fairgrounds, they moved a few years back and we hear the crowds moved with them. This indoor / outdoor event sounds like a blast (if it doesn't rain). Plus being the last Hamfestapolooza of the year you can only imagine the deals we will be ready to make! Details - Click Here!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Motorola releases - IMPRES Battery Reader

IMPRES Battery Reader
The industry exclusive IMPRES Battery Reader provides IMPRES battery users the ability to access charging, reconditioning and key usage data that can affect overall battery performance. By keeping batteries in peak condition, talk time and cycle life are optimized, reducing battery replacement.
Utilize the benefits of Motorola’s exclusive IMPRES technology by downloading key usage data from your IMPRES batteries.
Installs quickly and easily. Simply attach the Reader to a PC via the USB port. No additional power required.
Supports all IMPRES batteries.
Get clear and quick insight into the status of your IMPRES battery.

  • Present, Initial and Rated capacity provides a quick view of the battery’s ability to hold a charge
  • Battery Manufactured Date and Date of First Use provides accurate insight into the age of the battery
  • Total Charge Cycles gives insight into the battery’s overall use
  • Total Recondition Cycles gives an additional performance indication
  • Total Estimated non-IMPRES Charge Cycles helps track warranty claims and provides additional insight into potential battery problems
  • Recommendation box helps to quickly identify actions to optimize battery life
  • Histograms help quickly identify the appropriate battery capacity to meet your needs
  • Export the data easily to Excel ® for archiving and easy future access
Battery Reader Standard Package (NNTN7392):
IMPRES Battery Reader
USB Cord
HT Professional Series Adapter Insert
MOTOTRBO Adapter Insert
APX Adapter Insert
System Software CD
Wiscomm Price $299.00

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wiscomm named Blackbox Radio Dealer!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Blackbox radios as full dealer for the exciting new Blackbox™ + Series portable radios.

The Blackbox + offers an incredible value, a full 16 channel full power radio, available in both VHF or UHF complete with LiIon battery for well under $200!

As a special offer, we are extending the standard one-year warranty to a full THREE YEARS at no additional charge.

Here are some details about the
Blackbox™ + Series:
IP54 (Water Resistant), VHF or UHF, 5/4 watt, 16 channel with scan, 2-Tone Encode/Decode, VOX (Voice activated), Voice Enunciation for each channel, Programmable Button (VOX, Announce Battery Power, or Emergency Alert), High/Low Power Switchable, Busy Channel Lockout, All-Metal Chassis, Time-out Timer (TOT), Priority Scan, 50 CTCSS, 104 CDCSS, Audio Connector: Dual Pin (Motorola).

Package includes: Package Includes: 1300 mAh Lion Battery, Rapid Rate Charger, Accessory Clamp, Antenna, Belt Clip, User Manual.

You will find no better value on the market, we are prepared to deal on quantities! Give us a call or drop us a email with any questions.