Friday, April 22, 2011

Wiscomm adds Alinco Amateur Radios to it's winning line-up

With the recent addition of public safety scanners from GRE America to our product line-up, we have been offered the added product line of Alinco Amateur Radios. We have used Alinco radios for our amateur radio hobby for over twenty years, we have always been impressed with the value they offer in both mobile and handheld radios to the Amateur community. We jumped at the chance to add them as many of our public safety clients also are long time amateur radio operators.

Alinco offers a wide variety of radios starting at $109.00 for the 2-meter VHF DJ-175T. The popular DJ-V line offers water resistant single band portables for under $200. Our favorite is the top-of-the-line DR-635T Dual Band Mobile, anyone who's about this radio can attest to how versatile this radio is.

We will be adding additional inventory in the coming weeks, if we are missing anything please just drop us an email and we can quickly add to the store.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Motorola releases next-generation GPS enabled microphones for the XTS 2500 / XTS 5000 Series

Motorola has just released the updated version to the popular GPS-enabled Commander II series remote speaker microphones.

The new microphones offer more accurate GPS polling, the ability to control the polling frequency (with polling rates as frequency as 3 seconds) and now power is supplied by the radio instead of an external battery.

The new microphones are now shipping and available in our store, they are HMN4106A for the Submersible version and HMN4107A for the mic with the 3.5mm earpiece located on the head.

These new microphones will be replacing the HMN4080A and HMN4084A microphones.
XTS GPS II Microphone Spec Sheet