Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Missing a XTS5000 Volume Knob?

There's an epidemic going on in America, one so blatant my 3 year old daughter recognizes it! While watching an episiode of COPS from West Palm Beach, FL, the Sheriff's department was doing a undercover drug buy. My daughter asked what happened to the volume knob of that radio (Motorola XTS5000)? (Yes, my three year-old is quite the helper around the shop, and has put her time in cleaning and packing radios).

Long story short, The Motorola XTS5000 has a huge design flaw in which the volume knobs are contsantly falling off or getting lost. We get about a half-dozen request for these knobs a week. We have created a eBay listing allowing for easy purchase of this knob kit.

Check it out here -