Thursday, January 14, 2010

Motorola XTN Parts Pricing and Availability - January 2010

XTN Replacement Parts – WISCOMM LLC – Last Updated: January 2010

Model No. NNTN4103D FRONT HOUSING RIO EPP - $14.70 (1100/2100 Series)

Model No. NNTN4104A FRONT HOUSING TORONTO EPP - $14.70 (2600 Series)

Model No. NNTN4102A VHF REAR HOUSING - $14.70

Model No. NNTN4101A UHF REAR HOUSING - $14.70

Model No. 1385480D04 BEZEL BLACK - $12.34

Model No. 3664715H01 KNOB,VOL,PC - $3.41

Model No. 6185481D01 LENS - $4.67


Model No. 0105957T44 LCD ASSY RBR - $14.96

Model No. 1885284C01 VOLUME POT 100KOHMS - $7.46

Model No. 5009700M01 MIC CTRG - $4.99

Model No. 0180550V02 ACCY JACK CONN - $12.08

Model No. 4085500D01 PTT SWITCH - $3.73

Model No. NNTN4019AR DROP IN CHARGING TRAY - $24.95 ** Requires NNTN4077


Model No. NNTN4075AR 2 HOUR CHARGER - $44.00

Model No. NNTN4077A CHGR 10 HR - $12.95

Model No. NNTN4190A ASSY,BATTERY,RBR - $21.00


· PTT Button Part of Rear Housing (Not sold separately)

· Internal Speaker Part of Front Housing (Not sold separately)

· Battery and Charging Contacts Part of Rear Housing (Not sold separately)

· Antenna is molded to the Rear Housing and is not available separate.

· No adapters for the XTN series batteries are available for the BOS/BMS Conditioners

· There will be no vehicular charger developed for the XTN Series. – Wiscomm LLC – 866-579-1222 –

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Motorola Ear Microphone System with Bone Conduction (PMLN5464A)

Motorola Ear Microphone System with Bone Conduction (PMLN5464A)

The streamlined Ear Microphone System picks up sound through bone vibrations in the ear canal, giving emergency personnel the ability to hear and speak directly to others on the scene. This lightweight earpiece is comfortable to wear, yet durable enough to meet the rigorous needs of emergency response personnel.

-May be worn with protective masks or other hazardous-material equipment

-Designed to operate in both digital and analog mode Available for all XTS5000, XTS3000, XTS2500, XTS1500, MT1500, and PR1500 radio users.