Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Motorola adds new MINITOR VI Voice Pagers to lineup

After several years in the making, Motorola has finally announced the replacement to the industry standard MINITOR V pager with the apply named MINITOR VI.

The completely redesigned unit comes from a new manufacturer and not from Unication (maker of the MINITOR V). The new design also forces the replacement of all the parts and accessories.

Advancements in technology allows the new MINITOR VI to allow wider band splits of the pagers, going from 40+ versions to just 4 frequency splits. However Motorola has announced they no longer will offer a Low Band model.

I have included some notes on the new line below:

  • All units have up to 16 minutes of stored voice (SV) capability.
  • 8 Musical Tones, 5 Generic Tones
  • 4 Band Splits: 143-174 Mhz, 406-430 Mhz, 450-486 Mhz, 476-512 Mhz.
  • No Low Band (30-50 Mhz) option will be offered.
  • Available in 1 or 5 Channel formats
  • Comes with 2 Year Warranty Standard (up from 1 year on Minitor V), 3 and 4 year optional.
  • Available in Intrinsically Safe or Standard configurations
  • All units are IP56 Rated Standard, NO Audio Jack plug is available
  • Carry Case, Chargers, Amplifiers, Battery and Programming Kits are NEW and NOT compatible with the Minitor V
  • Three battery options are available: Alkaline Tray (takes 3 AAA batteries), Standard LiIon and Intrinsically Safe LiIon Battery.
  • Battery level voice announcements
  • All models of the Minitor V will discontinued by the end of March 2014, including LOWBAND.
A couple of important dates:

  • 10 FEB 2014 - First date to order Minitor VI
  • 17 FEB 2014 - First shipping date for Minitor VI from Motorola warehouse
  • 28 FEB 2014 - Last date to order Minitor V pager
  • 31 MAR 2014 - Last shipping date for Minitor V pager, Program cancellation.
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Unknown said...

Will Motorola All together discontinue the Minitor V Production? Also, is the VI really starting out at $999.99? Any word of when the price will drop?

Wiscomm Staff said...

All Minitor V will be done by 31 MAR 2014. This includes LOW BAND models.

Pricing will be released 10 FEB 2014. We do plan on it being less then the $999.99 placeholder pricing :)