Tuesday, March 1, 2011

List of Motorola Programming Software part numbers

From our friends at the "radio-programming" Yahoo! Group is the following list showing what is the currently part numbers and version of software for many of Motorola's most popular radios. 
HVN6053  CPS  CT250 v2.02.00
HVN6053  CPS  CT450 v2.02.00
HVN6053  CPS  CT450LS v2.02.00
HVN8177  RSS  GM300 v5.00.00 
HVN8177  RSS  GR300 v5.00.00 
HVN8177  RSS  GR400 v5.00.00 
HVN8177  RSS  GR500 v5.00.00 
HVN8177  RSS  M10 v5.00.00 
HVN8177  RSS  M12 v5.00.00 
HVN8177  RSS  M130 v5.00.00 
HVN9001  CPS  M1225LS v3.00.00
HVN9001  CPS  P1225LS v3.00.00
HVN9007  RSS  SM120 v5.00.00
HVN9007  RSS  SM50 v5.00.00
HVN9012  RSS  SP50 v4.00.00
HVN9016  CPS  HT750 Waris v1.03.02 
HVN9025  CPS  CDM1250 Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  CDM1250LS Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  CDM750 Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  CDM750LS Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  EX500 Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  EX600 Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  HT1250 Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  HT1250LS Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  HT750 Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9025  CPS  HT750LS Pro Series v6.05.03
HVN9054  CPS  M1225 v4.00.00
HVN9054  CPS  P1225 v4.00.00
HVN9060  CPS  TC3000 v1.02.01
HVN9060  CPS  TR3000 v1.02.01
HVN9060  CPS  TS3000 v1.02.01
HVN9060  CPS  TS3000 v1.02.01
HVN9067  CPS  MTX8250 v2.00.00
HVN9067  CPS  MTX850 v2.00.00
HVN9067  CPS  MTX9250 v2.00.00
HVN9067  CPS  MTX950 v2.00.00
HVN9084  RSS  i750 v1.00.08
HVN9085  RSS  I20r v1.02.00
HVN9173  RSS  M100 v5.00.00 
HVN9173  RSS  M200 v5.00.00 
HVN9175  RSS  P100 
HVN9177  RSS " combo pack of HVN9646,9173,9774" 
HVN9177  RSS  R100 
HVN9262  RSS  P200 v3.01.00
HVN9395  RSS  P50+ 
HVN9586  RSS   PR3000 Pager 
HVN9646  RSS  M110 v5.00.00 
HVN9763  RSS  P210 
HVN9774  RSS  M400 v5.00.00    
HVN9794  RSS  P200LB    
HVN9852   RSS  P110 v8.00.03   
HVN9941  RSS  P500    
RVN4001  RSS  Spectra Conventional v6.00.05   
RVN4002  RSS  Saber v7.01.00   
RVN4005  RSS  HT600 v3.01.01   
RVN4007  RSS  Syntor X 9000 v8.01   
RVN4009  RSS  System 9000 v4.10.04   
RVN4011  RSS  MCX1000 v2.02.00   
RVN4013  RSS  MTX800  v5.00.00   
RVN4013  RSS  MTX800s  v5.00.00   
RVN4017  RSS  MT1000 v3.02.00   
RVN4019  RSS  Desktrac Conventional v3.04.00   
RVN4019  RSS  Maxtrac Conventional v7.02.00   
RVN4019  RSS  Maxtrac Lab Conventional     
RVN4020  RSS  Maxtrac Conventional 
RVN4021  RSS  HT50 v2.00.00
RVN4023  RSS  Maratrac v5.00.00
RVN4025  RSS  MSF5000 Analog Repeaters v1.00.00 
RVN4025  RSS  PURC Analog Repeaters v1.00.00
RVN4027  RSS  MCR100 v1.10.00
RVN4029  RSS   Centracom Series II v9.05.02
RVN4033  RSS  MTX900  v4.00.00
RVN4035  RSS  MX1000 v2.03.00
RVN4037   Mostar Conventional 
RVN4039  RSS  Smart Status v1.03.00
RVN4043  RSS  Maxtrac Trunked v5.07.03  disc
RVN4049  RSS  STX v3.01.00
RVN4051  RSS  Systems Saber v4.00.00
RVN4053  RSS  ASTRO Digital Interface v7.01.21
RVN4055  RSS  MTX900s  v4.00.00
RVN4057  RSS   32x8 Codeplug  v1.01.01
RVN4059  RSS  Mostar Trunked v1.01.01
RVN4059  RSS  Traxar v1.01.01
RVN4061  RSS  PP1000 Pager v1.01.01
RVN4061  RSS  PP500 Pager v1.01.01
RVN4063  RSS  MCX1000 Marine v1.03.00
RVN4065  RSS  MTX810 v3.00.00
RVN4069    RSS  Syntor X Trunked v1.00.00
RVN4073   RSS  MX800  v1.01.00
RVN4074  RSS  HT10 v1.00.06
RVN4075   RSS  T5600 Remote v4.00.02
RVN4075   RSS  T5620 Remote v4.00.02
RVN4077  RSS  MSF10000 Digital Repeaters v5.21.00
RVN4077  RSS  MSF5000 Digital Repeaters v5.21.00
RVN4079  RSS  Desktrac Conventional v5.03.00 
RVN4079  RSS  Maxtrac Conventional v5.03.00 
RVN4081  RSS  MTX820 v3.00.00
RVN4081  RSS  MTX820s v3.00.00
RVN4081  RSS  MTX888 v3.00.00
RVN4081  RSS  MTX888s v3.00.00
RVN4083  RSS  BSC II v1.00
RVN4085  RSS  Advanced Securenent CIU v2.00.00
RVN4087  RSS  LORAN C Recievers v1.00.00
RVN4089  RSS  Transit STX v1.01.00
RVN4091  RSS  DGT9000 Remote v1.00.11
RVN4093  RSS  Desktrac Trunked v3.04.00
RVN4097  RSS  MT2000 v1.16.19
RVN4097  RSS  MTS2000 v1.16.19
RVN4097  RSS  MTX8000 v1.16.19
RVN4097  RSS  MTX9000 v1.16.19
RVN4098  RSS  HT1000 Conventional v3.03.00
RVN4098  RSS  JT1000 Conventional v3.03.00
RVN4098  RSS  Visar Conventional v3.03.00
RVN4099  RSS  Railroad Spectra v4.05.01
RVN4100  RSS  ASTRO Mobile RSS combo package 
RVN4102  RSS  Syntor X 9000 Dual V7.03SP01
RVN4106   RSS   Product Configuration tool v4.00.00
RVN4112  RSS  Command Plus Consoles v3.07.00
RVN4113  RSS  MCS2000 v1.13.00
RVN4114  RSS  GPS v1.00.00
RVN4117  RSS  MDC Devices v3.04.00
RVN4117  RSS  RDLAP Devices v3.04.00
RVN4119  RSS  Mobitex Devices v1.04.04
RVN4121  CPS  iDEN Agent Version v1.16.19
RVN4123  RSS  Visar Trunked v4.00.01
RVN4126  RSS  9100-386 & 9100-386T Devices v1.06.00
RVN4128  RSS  MPT1327 1200 Series v2.020.00
RVN4129  RSS  PDT200 v1.00.00 
RVN4130  RSS  Infotac Inhouse Paging Terminal v1.02.04
RVN4131  RSS  Blinkers (Instruction sheet files) v1.02
RVN4133  RSS  PRM240 v3..01.18
RVN4133  RSS  VRM500 v3..01.18
RVN4133  RSS  VRM600 v3..01.18
RVN4133  RSS  VRM850 v3..01.18
RVN4135  RSS  combo pack of HVN9177 
RVN4138  RSS  MTX-LS v2.00.00
RVN4139  RSS  MaxtracLS v3.00.00
RVN4140  RSS  MTRI 2000 v1.02.00
RVN4144  RSS  ASTROTAC 3000 v3.09.00
RVN4146  RSS  RPM500 v2.02.09
RVN4146  RSS  RPM660 v2.02.09
RVN4148  CPS  MTR2000 v3.03.02
RVN4149  RSS  Comtegra Consoles v4.00.00
RVN4150  RSS  GTX Mobiles and Portables v4.00.01
RVN4151  RSS  HT1000 AVS v1.0
RVN4152  RSS  GP350 AVS v3.00.00
RVN4156  RSS  LCS2000 v2.00.10
RVN4156  RSS  LTS2000 v2.00.10
RVN4159  RSS  GP60  v4.00.00
RVN4170  RSS  XTS3500 v2.00.03
RVN4171  RSS  C200 Remote v1.01.00
RVN4174  CPS  iDEN Super Agent Version v1.16.19
RVN4175  RSS  combo pack of RVN4113 
RVN4176  RSS  combo pack of RVN4097 
RVN4177  RSS  combo pack of RVN4175 and RVN4176 
RVN4178  CPS  MC2000 v1.00.00
RVN4178  CPS  MC2500 v1.00.00 
RVN4181  CPS  HPD1000 ASTRO25 Modem v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  MT1500 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  PM1500 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  PR1500 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  SSE5000 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  XTS1500 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  XTS2500 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  XTS4000 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4181  CPS  XTS5000 ASTRO25 portable v15.00.00
RVN4182  CPS  ASTRO Saber ASTRO portable v5.03.00 disc
RVN4182  CPS  XTS3000 ASTRO portable v5.03.00 disc
RVN4183  CPS  ASTRO Spectra ASTRO Mobile v5.03.00 disc
RVN4184  CPS  combo pack of RVN4182 and RVN4183 
RVN4185  CPS  ASTRO Spectra Plus ASTRO25 Mobile v15.00.00
RVN4185  CPS  PD1000 ASTRO25 Mobile v15.00.00
RVN4185  CPS  PM1500 ASTRO25 Mobile v15.00.00
RVN4185  CPS  XTL1500 ASTRO25 Mobile v15.00.00
RVN4185  CPS  XTL2500 ASTRO25 Mobile v15.00.00
RVN4185  CPS  XTL5000 ASTRO25 Mobile v15.00.00
RVN4186  CPS  combo pack of RVN4181 and RVN4185 
RVN4191  CPS  CM200 v5.06
RVN4191  CPS  CM300 v5.06
RVN4191  CPS  CP150 v5.06
RVN4191  CPS  CP200 v5.06
RVN4191  CPS  PM400 v5.06
RVN4191  CPS  PR400 v5.06
RVN4193  CPS  R750 800meg v97.01.00
RVN4194  CPS  R750 900meg v97.01.00
RVN4312  RSS  Micom 2 v2.0
RVN5002  CPS  Quantar rptrs v14.03.00
RVN5002  CPS  Quantro rcvrs v14.03.00
RVN5003  RSS  ASTROTAC Comaritors v50.21.00
RVN5080  CPS  DTR 
RVN5115  RSS  Mag One  v2.0
RVN5181  CPS  BPR40  
YVN4051   Portable Repeater v1.02.00
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